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Saudi Arabia and Russia settle on oil prices issue

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01st Jun, 2020. 02:28 pm
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Saudi Arabia and Russia settle on oil prices issue

Russia, Saudi Arabia allow strengthening relation to maintain oil prices

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman allowed this Wednesday to strengthen coordination to lower oil production and maintain the international oil business.

The Kremlin announced in a report that Putin and Bin Salman additionally accepted on the necessity to thoroughly perform the settlement joined in April to decrease international production by nearly ten per cent following a drop in trade effected by coronavirus lockdowns.

The OPEC+ deal evolved into impact at the start of May and designated a decrease in the stock of about 9.7 million barrels through a single day.
However, the stock cut has generated Oil prices to rise to an interest of $35 per single barrel, related to the $15 per barrel value they reported prior month; nevertheless, the international oversupply proceeds to prevent further rises in value.

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