‘US China war, bigger threat than coronavirus’

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

21st Jun, 2020. 11:35 am

The intensifying cold war between the United States US and China is bigger threat to the world than the coronavirus.

According to a media report, these comments made by a prominent Economist Jeffrey Sachs.

In his recent comments about the deteriorating trade and business situation, he said that the world is headed for a period of “massive disruption without any leadership” in the aftermath of the pandemic.

The divide between the two superpowers will exacerbate this, he warned. He blamed the US administration for the hostilities between the two countries.

“The US is a force for division, not for cooperation,” “It’s a force for trying to create a new cold war with China. If this takes hold – if that kind of approach is used, then we won’t go back to normal, indeed we will spiral into greater controversy and greater danger in fact.”

It is worth mentioning here that this week US President Donald Trump signed legislation authorizing US sanctions against Chinese officials responsible for the repression of Muslims in Xinjiang province.

President Trump said he believed China might have encouraged the international spread of the virus as a way to destabilize competing economies.

The Trump administration has also targeted Chinese companies, in particular Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, which Washington says is being used to help Beijing spy on its customers. China denies this, as does Huawei.

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