Dollar TO PKR: Today Dollar Rate in Pakistan Rupee, 14 October 2020

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14th Oct, 2020. 09:00 am
USD TO PKR, 14 Oct 2020

Today’s USD to PKR (Dollar to PKR) exchange rate given below. All Currency Prices are updated every hour to offer you the best US Dollar to Pakistani Rupee conversion.

US Dollar to PKR depends on open market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers of Pakistan. Check today’s USD into PKR exchange rate in Pakistan.

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Today Dollar Price in Pakistan

Here is the updated Dollar rate today in Pakistan exchange rate in the open market. (Updated, 14 October 2020)

1 USD 163.90 PKR


Oct 13, 2020 USD To PKR 163.6429
Oct 12, 2020 USD To PKR 163.5395
Oct 11, 2020 USD To PKR 163.5395
Oct 10, 2020 USD To PKR 163.5395
Oct 09, 2020 USD To PKR 164.2189
Oct 08, 2020 USD To PKR 164.2993
Oct 07, 2020 USD To PKR 164.0092
Oct 06, 2020 USD To PKR 164.1485
What’s the Dollar Price today in Pakistan?

One Dollar Price today in Pakistan is 163.90 Rs.

How the exchange rate does affect the economy?

The monetary development of a nation and its currency exchange rates are closely related to each other. More noteworthy the currency exchange pace of a nation more noteworthy the monetary development of that nation. Worldwide financial specialists would purchase its merchandise and enterprises if the economy of the nation is strong. It ultimately contributes to the greater amount of its currency.

Today Dollar Price in Pakistan (Dollar TO PKR). BOL News is a one-stop solution for the exchange rate in Pakistan, including open market currency exchange rate, interbank Currency exchange rate, and international forex rate.

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