Sony CEO says PS5 pre-order demand has been “very considerable”

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

28th Oct, 2020. 10:59 am
Sony PS5

Ahead of PlayStation 5 (PS5) launch on November 12, Sony is seeing “very considerable” demand for its (PS5) console via pre-orders, its gaming chief said.

In an interview, Sony CEO  Jim Ryan said, “The demand as expressed by the level of pre-order has been very considerable.”

The tech company pre-sold as many PS5 consoles in the first 12 hours in the United States (US) as in the first 12 weeks for its predecessor PlayStation 4 device.

Sony, however, went on to sell more than 100 million PS4 units.

It also aims to persuade its users to upgrade to its newest launch with enhanced graphics, sound and feedback via a new controller.

The launch came during Coronavirus pandemic and has boosted gaming companies’ revenue but also disrupted retail networks and games development globally.

Furthermore, Sony will grow its studio capability organically, Ryan said, adding that “where we can bolster our in-house capability with selective M&A that might be possible.”

“We’re definitely looking upwards and thinking that we can do better than we thought we could,” said the CEO.

Sony’s shares have gained 45% since March lows. Its shares climbed as much as 1.4% on Wednesday.

Moreover, two versions of the PlayStation 5 console will release on November 12 in Australia, North America, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan and South Korea, later in the rest of the world.

The premium PS5 will be priced at $500, while a “digital edition” designed for the trend of games being downloaded from the cloud will be priced at $400.

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