Pakistan: Gold rate drops by Rs800 per tola

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

28th Nov, 2020. 05:18 pm
Gold prices increased

The price of Gold in Pakistan dropped down on Saturday as they crash by Rs 800 per tola.

According to Sindh Barter Bazaar Jewelers Association, after a decrease of Rs800, the value of gold per tola in the country has gone up to Rs 1,10,000.

Moreover, the value of 10 grams of gold has decreased by Rs 686 to Rs 94,307.

According to the association, the price of silver was down to Rs1,180 per tola.

Key Factors That Drive The Gold Rate

Overall global demand for gold derives, gold rates in Pakistan. The jewellery-making industry uses gold on a very large-scale. In Asian communities, gold is considered as wealth and does transfer from one generation to the second generation. The gold prices are increased if the global demand is increased. The fluctuation in the USD also drives the gold price and is directly linked if USD goes up, the gold price also see hikes.

Find the latest Gold prices updated on BOL news’s official website. The standards of gold rates are accumulated in London Bullion Market and sometimes by IMF as they have the sole authority.

BOL News keeps an eye on today’s gold rate in Pakistan on daily basis.

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