Price Of LPG Reaches Record High

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

31st Dec, 2020. 07:22 pm
Price Of LPG Reaches Record High

Bad news for the residents of Karachi, who are facing a severe cold wave, that the price of LPG has increased to a record level.

Residents of city of Quaid are now stunned by the westerly winds coming from Balochistan and with the increase in cold in city, gas shortages have seen in most areas.

Now the bad news for LPG users in Karachi is that the prices of LPG have been increased by a record Rs. 180 for domestic cylinders and Rs. 692 for commercial cylinders. The domestic cylinder will now be available at Rs 1,733.

According to the LPG Association, the price of LPG in the global market has increased by 79 79 per metric tonne, as a result of which LPG will be available at Rs 147 per kg instead of 132 in the country from January.

On the other hand, the LPG Association has threatened to cut off gas supply from January 15 unless the government abolishes levies and other taxes.

On the other hand, petroleum products are likely to become more expensive from January 1. A summary of the increase in petrol prices by Rs 2.96 per liter has been sent to the Petroleum Division.

According to sources, it has been recommended to increase the price of petrol by Rs 2.96 per liter, high speed diesel by Rs 3.12 per liter while kerosene price is also likely to increase.

It should be noted that the final decision will be taken after consultation with the Prime Minister. The notification of new prices will be issued by the Ministry of Finance today.

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