Pakistan’s cultural relics on display in central China

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09th Jul, 2021. 06:32 pm
Pakistan’s cultural relics

BEIJING: A museum in central China’s Hunan province kicked off an exhibition, displaying more than 220 pieces of cultural relics from 10 countries, including China, Syria, Lebanon, Cambodia and Pakistan.

“Through the exhibition, we hope that visitors can appreciate the charm of the diverse cultures of Asian countries, and espy the exchange and integration of eastern and western civilisations in Asian countries,” Yu Yanjiao, curator of the exhibition, said.

The event, displaying the origin and development of Asian civilisation, has attracted a large number of visitors.

Nouman Tahir, a Pakistani student in the provincial capital Changsha, was visibly impressed by a pottery statue, a rare relic dating back to 3000 BC in Pakistan.

“I once saw it in a museum in Pakistan. This exhibition offers the Chinese audience a great opportunity to appreciate the beautiful Pakistani cultural relics, and I am very proud,” Tahir added.

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