Poly network, hacker returns all the stolen cryptocurrencies

Syed AhadWeb Editor

23rd Aug, 2021. 10:46 pm
Poly network

Poly network reveals that it has received all the stolen cryptocurrencies, according to Poly Network, it has received a text on a blockchain from the hacker so-called Mr. White Hat. Which contained the key to the wallet where the cryptocurrencies were stored. Poly Network said it had secured all of the stolen funds after securing 28,953 ethereum and 1,032 Wrapped Bitcoin (about $141 million).

Earlier, Poly Network publicized that hackers were able to steal much more than the $600 million costs of several cryptocurrencies managed on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon blockchains.

After the heist the hacker started to return funds back to the Poly Network team, it received $4.7 million so far as the project’s official Twitter account said.

It has offered the hacker the position of chief security adviser.

It wrote: “To extend our thanks and encourage Mr. White Hat to continue contributing to security advancement in the blockchain world together with Poly Network, we cordially invite Mr. White Hat to be the Chief Security Advisor of Poly Network.”

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