Cryptocurrency Holders claiming Apple over ‘Fake’ Wallet Application Scam

Syed AhadWeb Editor

19th Sep, 2021. 06:55 pm

Apple however still remains sued for damages caused by a supposedly fake scam application available in its App Store, this time relating to cryptocurrency.

In a class-action complaint filed, the called plaintiff – Maryland resident Hadona Diep, defined as a “full-time cyber-security IT professional” – accused Apple of knowingly “authorizing a malicious application” in its App Store that triggered Diep to lose 474 XRP tokens, cost around $507 at the time of publication.

As per the complaint, the fake app, a spoof of the valid Toast Wallet named Toast Plus, was used to steal Diep’s seed idiom and all of the tokens in the false wallet.

The objection claims that “hundreds or thousands” of users were sufferers of the Toast Plus scam application and that over $5 million in crypto was stolen.

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