Golem Network has introduced an application to mine Ethereum

Syed AhadWeb Editor

24th Sep, 2021. 07:34 pm
Golem Network

MORGANTOWN, WV – 23 JANUARY 2018: Stack of golden coins on new design of US currency one hundred dollar bills with spotlight on the Ethereum in the foreground

Golem Network has introduced an application that enables users to mine Ethereum (ETH) on their laptops, yet it might be a long time before riches can be earned.

The decentralized computing resources sharing platform unhitch the Thorg application that enables users to mine ETH on Windows-based PCs and laptops.

The application runs in the background and connects new computing power to process the calculations needs for proof-of-working mining.

Users are satisfied with Golem’s native GLM token, though, and not ETH.

The system runs on a layer-two aggregator Polygon, which eases any heavy transaction charges linked with the ERC-20 GLM token.

It makes “shares” that are batched computing responsibilities that are composed and used to mine ETH.

Golem CEO Piotr Janiuk stated that Thorg was intended to surge acceptance of Golem Network by permitting users to make passive income on their own computers.

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