Tayyib Erdoğan: ‘We are at war’ with cryptocurrency

Syed AhadWeb Editor

20th Sep, 2021. 06:59 pm
Tayyib Erdoğan

Turkey is ready to become a blockchain hub as a state with one leg in Europe and another in Asia. Though, the same passion doesn’t put on to cryptocurrencies, as Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdoğan repeated recently.

A query session is organized by Tayyib Erdoğan in Mersin, Turkey with youth from across the state. An attendant raised to the Digital Turkish Lira Collaboration Platform publicized last week and asked if the central bank would hold cryptocurrencies. He also asked Erdoğan about his sentiments on cryptocurrency.

“We have absolutely no intention of embracing cryptocurrencies,” answered the president, adding:

“On the contrary, we have a separate war, a separate fight against them. We would never lend support to [cryptocurrencies]. Because we will move forward with our own currency that has its own identity.”

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