Why are Ripple investors bringing a lawsuit against Apple?

Syed AhadWeb Editor

20th Sep, 2021. 08:37 pm

Apple was unsuccessful to screen one of its apps on AppStore and presently there has been another trending lawsuit.

The fake app, Toast Plus, masked as a cryptocurrency wallet, Toast Wallet tricked users to extract Ripple (XRP) from users’ wallets via phishing attacks.

The Diep versus Apple class-action claim saw Hadona Diep, a Toast Plus phishing attack target, approach the court to sue Apple for deliberately clearing the hackers via the App Store apps’ screening process, which in turn led to the damage of users’ digital assets.

The lawsuit appealed that Tech Giant allowed the hack and breached irrespective of their information of its hateful intent.

The letter of lawsuit stated, “This action is a class-action suit for damages under the federal and state laws of the United States, seeking legal remedy for the Defendant’s breaches of those same laws, in participating in and or allowing “hacking” and “breach” of financial account information and actual theft of personal financial assets, by authorizing a malicious application in the “App Store” and maintaining the same, despite knowledge of the criminal activity, and the Defendant’s further failures to notify Plaintiff and the Class Members that their financial information had been compromised.”

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