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Sale, production of cars up by over 71% in first half


Image: APP

ISLAMABAD: The sale and production of cars witnessed an increase of 71.22 and 72.85 per cent respectively during the first half of current financial year 2021/22, as compared to corresponding period of last year.

During the July-December 2021/22, as many as 114,765 cars were sold against the sale of 67,026 units while the production of cars increased from 62,041 units to 107,242 units, showing growth of 71.22 and 72.85 per cent respectively, according to Pakistan Automobile Manufacturing Association (Pama).

Among cars, the sale of Honda cars increased by 47.34 per cent from 11,958 units during last year, to 17,620 units during the current year while Toyota Corolla cars sale also grew by 88.71 per cent, from 8,427 units to 15,903 units.

The sale of Suzuki Swift went down from 998 units to 497 units, showing a decrease of 50.20 per cent, whereas the sale of Suzuki Bolan increased to 6,241 units from 3,582 units.

The sale of Toyota Yaris went up from 12,845 units to 13,223 units, witnessing an increase of 2.94 per cent, while the sale of Suzuki Cultus also increased to 14,516 units from 7,517 during last year.

Meanwhile, the sale of Suzuki Wagon-R also rose to 11,629 units from 5,478 units, whereas the sale of Suzuki Alto witnessed a sharp increase of 99.66 per cent from 16,221 units against 32,388 units.

On the other hand, the production of Honda cars went up by 49.49 per cent from 11,697 units to 17,487 units during the months under review, whereas the production of Toyota Corolla cars also increased by 86.20 per cent from 8,440 units to 15,716 units.

The production of Suzuki Swift however decreased from 712 units to 385 units, showing decline of 45.92 per cent whereas the production of Toyota Yaris also dipped from 12,754 units to 12,335 units, it added.

The production of Suzuki Cultus increased to 12,895 units during the months under review from 7,582 units, while the production of Suzuki Wagon-R also increased to 10,418 units this year from 4,455 units during last year, it added.

Meanwhile, the production of Suzuki Bolan rose by 62.28 per cent from 3,667 units to 5,951 units this year, whereas the production of Suzuki Alto also rose from 12,734 units last year to 29,486 units, witnessing an increase of 131.55 per cent, the data added.

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