Honda Accord 2006 latest price in Australia 2023

Honda Accord 2006 latest price in Australia 2023

Honda Accord 2006 latest price in Australia 2023

Honda Accord 2006


Honda, the renowned Japanese automotive manufacturer, has left an indelible mark on the global automobile industry with its unwavering commitment to innovation and reliability.

Among the many masterpieces that Honda has produced over the years, the Honda Accord stands out for its exceptional characteristics and enduring popularity. In this article, we will delve into the Honda Accord 2006 in Australia, exploring its price, variants, specifications, and more.


The Honda Accord has cemented its place as an icon in the world of mid-size sedans. Even in 2023, this vehicle continues to be a favorite among Australian drivers, thanks to its winning combination of comfort, performance, and reliability. The 2006 Honda Accord, a part of the seventh generation of this beloved model, holds a special place in the hearts of many due to its outstanding engineering excellence.



To cater to a diverse range of customer preferences, Honda introduced the Accord in various variants and trim levels. In the Australian market, you can find a total of 11 variants, each offering different prices and feature options. The available variants include:

  • VTi MY 06 FWD
  • V6 MY06 FWD
  • V6 Luxury FWD
  • V6 FWD
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  • VTi FWD
  • VTi-L MY07 FWD
  • V6 Luxury MY06 FWD
  • VTi MY07 FWD
  • V6 MY07 FWD
  • V6 Luxury MY07 FWD
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  • VTi Special Edition MY06 FWD

Honda Accord 2006 Price in Australia 2023

The pricing of the Honda Accord 2006 in Australia in 2023 varies depending on the chosen variant and trim level. The price range for these vehicles typically falls within the range of $2,000 to $4,750. Here’s a breakdown of the price range you can expect for different variants:

Variant Price
VTi MY 06 FWD$2,000 – $3,500
V6 MY06 FWD$2,100 – $3,700
V6 Luxury FWD$2,200 – $3,800
V6 FWD$2,250 – $3,900
VTi FWD$2,250 – $3,900
VTi-L MY07 FWD$2,300 – $4,000
V6 Luxury MY06 FWD$2,500 – $4,150
VTi MY07 FWD$2,550 – $4,200
V6 MY07 FWD$2,550 – $4,200
V6 Luxury MY07 FWD$2,900 – $4,600
VTi Special Edition MY06 FWD$3,000 – $4,750


The 2006 Honda Accord VTi MY06 FWD, for instance, comes with the following specifications:

Engine: The Accord is equipped with a 2.4L DOHC inline-4 engine that delivers 218 Nm of torque at 5800 rpm, allowing the vehicle to reach a top speed of 227 KM/H or 63 MPH.

Transmission: It features a 5-speed automatic transmission.


Mileage: With a 65 L fuel tank, the 2006 Honda Accord can cover a distance of 699 KM per tank, providing a fuel efficiency of 10.7 KM/L.

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