Suzuki Mehran Latest Price in Pakistan & Features- April 2024

Suzuki Mehran Latest Price in Pakistan & Features- April 2024

Suzuki Mehran Latest Price in Pakistan & Features- April 2024

Suzuki Mehran latest price in Pakistan & Specifications- May 2024


Suzuki Mehran’s Legacy

The Suzuki Mehran, a 5-door hatchback, has been a staple on Pakistani roads since its introduction in 1989. Known for its affordability and durability, it has become a popular choice for those transitioning from two-wheelers to cars. The Mehran’s high resale value further enhances its appeal, making it a common first car for many Pakistanis.

Suzuki Mehran’s Evolution

In 2012, the Mehran experienced a notable enhancement with the launch of the Euro-II model. The primary alteration involved transitioning from a carburetor to an electronic fuel injection system. Despite its absence of contemporary safety advancements, the Mehran, affectionately known as the “Boss,” maintains strong sales figures annually.

Suzuki Mehran’s Durability


The durability of the Mehran is renowned, as it can withstand diverse terrains and rough tracks without sustaining notable damage to its exterior or interior. Despite its simplistic construction, the Boss model can endure numerous impacts and jolts, establishing itself as a dependable option for Pakistani buyers.

Suzuki Mehran’s Maintenance

One of the Mehran’s selling points is its low maintenance cost. Given its long presence in the market, mechanics well-versed with its maintenance, and its auto parts readily available at minimal costs.

Suzuki Mehran’s Price in Pakistan

The price of a used Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan ranges from PKR 906,000 to PKR 1,141,500, depending on the model year, mileage, variant, and overall condition. However, with rising inflation, the Suzuki Mehran price in Pakistan 2024 has seen an increase, even in the used car market.

Suzuki Mehran’s Design


The design of the Mehran is straightforward yet practical. On the outside, it sports trapezium-shaped headlights, a grille with rectangular openings, and basic black bumpers. Inside, the interior is simplistic, featuring manual controls and seats covered in vinyl. The upgraded VXR models offer additional amenities like air conditioning and fabric-upholstered seats.

Suzuki Mehran’s Performance

The Suzuki Mehran is fitted with a 796cc 0.8 Liter OHC 6 Valve Inline-3 engine, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 135 km/h. It delivers fuel efficiency of 10 KM/L in urban areas and 13 KM/L on highways.

In summary, the Suzuki Mehran’s combination of affordability, reliability, and minimal upkeep expenses maintains its popularity on Pakistani roads. Despite being discontinued in 2019, it remains highly desirable in the second-hand car market.

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