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Length Conversion Calculator

Now you can convert any given length to your desired units! Try the new length conversion calculator that can give you authentic reading of the length conversions ranging from inch, mile, yard, millimeter, centimeter, decimeter, foot, and kilometer. This calculator is equally beneficial for mathematics students, or those who are in construction business. Get the desired results by simply choosing the units you want to convert into from your current units.



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Currency Rates Today
SAR TO PKR45.546.0
KWD TO PKR481.5484.0
INR TO PKR2.02.1
USD TO PKR170.4171.4
SGD TO PKR124.0125.5
QAR TO PKR39.740.3
JPY TO PKR1.41.4
CAD TO PKR134.5136.5
AUD TO PKR122.5124.5
AED TO PKR47.047.5
Gold Rates Update
Gold 24K per 1 Ounce$ 1,753
Gold 24K per 10 GramsRs 104,425
Gold 24K per 1 TolaRs 121,827
Gold 22K per 1 TolaRs 111,679
Gold 22K per 1 Ounce$ 1,607
Gold 22K per 10 GramsRs 95,726