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Coronavirus: Under Lockdown People Growing Closer to Allah

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

14th May, 2020. 08:02 pm
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Coronavirus: Under Lockdown People Growing Closer to Allah

However, the religion has been deemed for so long ‘the opium of the people’ in the world. However, due to the current crisis it seems to have a spurred re-ignition of the latent spiritual that has tied. The Ramadan under the lockdown in which some of the Muslims are taking part for first time after a long time.

The truth is that the world is at large and has become increasingly secular with the younger generations in the particulars that have been found in believing less in Allah or it feels compelled in identifying a particular faith.

In accordance to the year of 2019, the survey of 25000 respondents in the Middle East plus North Africa since the year of 2013 number of people that were identified as a not religious have been risen from 8% to 13% and it would be up to 18% for those that are under 30.
But crises are often known to make us turn to Allah, and with Ramadan being a holiest month in Islamic calendar, and a month that often sees even not-so-practicing Muslims make more of an effort to engage with their faith, many told The New Arab that despite – or perhaps because – of a Ramadan in lockdown, they’re taking part for the first time in a long time.

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Thereby, millions of Muslims all around the world are currently fasting in confinement, as well as with public spaces which include the close down of the mosques, and the customary communal iftars out of the question – moreover, some are feeling the absence of the Ramadan spirit

“I haven’t fasted for about 20 years,” said Maria, who recently moved back in with her mum in Hertfordshire, UK.
“It’s now mid Ramadan and I’m still struggling a bit, but I do feel a sense of peace and achievement. I also feel like I’m closer to Allah because of it, which has helped me believe that They are keeping my family and friends safe and healthy. It’s a real comfort.”

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