When will schools reopen and is it safe to send your child back to school?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

18th May, 2020. 07:43 pm
Schools will be re-open from June 1 in the UK

Schools will be re-open from June 1 in the UK, which were closed due to COVID-19 outbreak. Deciding to start with some of the primary years whereas, secondary plans are still stay unclear. At the earliest of June 1 the primary schools will be reopening, according to Boris Johnson’s ‘conditional plan’ for reopening the UK.

However, the reopening of the schools will be starting with the youngest pupils in Reception as well as the year 1 and Year 6. Before the holidays, a secondary pupil would be able to get some time with their teachers for the exams next year.

Although Prime Minister has not mentioned the timings of other primary schools, nonetheless the most primary years will hope to manage sometime back in the classes, according to the Dossier suggestions that were released on Monday.

Moreover, parents are asking that when they can send their children back to the school, whereas the continued school endings would have an unfavorable impact on the progress of pupil, Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary, has acknowledged earlier in the lockdown.

Further, Boris Johnson has also delivered one of the important announcement on Sunday 10th of May related to the phase two of the shutdown that was indicating regarding the return to the school that will be gradual instead of the wholesale lifting of the lockdown.

Underneath, the most frequent questions were answered regarding the reopening of the primaries and secondary’s as well as, how the time will affect the learning of the children and what support could parents provide to their children’s in the leisure time at home.

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