Why Pakistani Students Want Cambridge 2021 Exams To Be Canceled?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

20th Mar, 2021. 12:53 am
Board Exams to be held across Pakistan this year amid COVID-19

As the third wave of coronavirus has caught Pakistan, the O/A-Level students want the international board to cancel the CIEs 2021 exams to be canceled.

Earlier this week, the Cambridge students started a trend #cancelcieexam2021 on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

An anonymous A-level student said,

“In 2021, students have suffered the most. The syllabus of most of our courses has not been completed yet and most of us are suffering from anxiety and depression because of the pandemic.”

The student went on to say that,

“Now, as the third wave of the coronavirus continues to spread, how can the government allow the exams to be conducted”

Many students have raised their voices for the cancellation of the exams as the government had earlier decided to close down schools once again in Punjab, Islamabad, and Khyber Pakhtunkwa.

However, the Federal Minister of Education Shafqat Mehmood announced that despite the third wave of coronavirus exams of Intermediate, Matric, and Cambridge will be conducted as per the schedule.

One of the Cambridge students said,

“My college was closed for so long and online classes are not as effective. Classes weren’t held properly and everything was confusing.”

“Last year I was really confident before my CIEs because we actually studied and had our normal mocks, but now the exams are in a month and we haven’t even covered the syllabus yet,” the student continued.

Another student said,

“Cambridge could’ve easily done something to help us. For example, cutting down the syllabus. Excluding some topics. Reducing the workload. But it did not.”

As per the details, all the Pakistani Cambridge students have started a petition in which they have cited the following demands:

  • Online classes were not up to the standard of education required.
  • Schools struggled with delivering curriculum due to on/off schedules.
  • Students and their parents who contracted the virus found it difficult to cope up with their studies.
  • Hostel students who were forced back home didn’t have a proper environment to study.
  • Most countries have promoted students based on predicted grades.
  • Local boards reduced the exam syllabus or delayed assessments but CIE students didn’t have these options.

It should be mentioned here that Cambridge O and A-Level exams are scheduled to be held on April 26 and end on June 11 in Pakistan.

UK Cancels CIEs Exams:

According to the details, the international board has already canceled exams in 10 countries across the world because of the ongoing pandemic.

According to Schools Week, for its IGCSE qualifications in the United Kingdom, Cambridge International is opting for teacher assessments.

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