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Aiman Khan lashes out Hina Altaf ‘uneducated’ for mocking Muneeb

Noor ul AinWeb Editor

14th July, 2019
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Actress Hina Altaf’s remarks about actor Muneeb Butt and their extended wedding ceremonies have seemed to upset the actor’s wife and fellow actress Aiman Khan, who has called it a ‘shameful act’.

Altaf appeared on Hashmi’s show recently “To Be Honest” hosted by stand-up comedian Tabish Hashmi and directed by Azfar Ali.Hina Altaf was asked to name an actor who can’t act and has a lot of attitude, she called out Muneeb Butt.

A video from the show has been doing rounds on social media, in which  both can be seen speaking about Aiman and Muneeb’s prolonged wedding. Hina is also seen saying Muneeb is ‘not a good actor’ compared to other Pakistani actors.

What was even more interesting was that the host added that he had no idea who she was talking about since he did not follow television but soon was able to recall him and #aineebkishaadi after a quick Google search.

But it seems one celebrity didn’t make the cut — Altaf said she wasn’t invited. Hashmi instantly recalled that the day after the lavish wedding ended, Muneeb’s wife had ‘jahez khori band karo [stop demanding dowries]’ written on her hand in mehndi. His tongue in cheek reference was to Khan’s support of the UN Women’s campaign against exorbitant dowries the day after her own very expensive wedding.

Muneeb’s wife Aiman reacted to the clip. she said,  ” I don’t understand why they try to bring others down! Such a shameful act, shame on these people for making fun of their colleagues. Such an uneducated host and guest I must say,” she posted on her Instagram story, hashtagging it “mehnat kar hassand na ker “.

Aiman’s sister Minal khan also reacted to the clip, calling Hina and the host ‘uneducated’.

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