Mehwish Hayat announces to educate hundreds of children

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

20th Aug, 2019. 07:54 pm
Mehwish Hayat to educate hundreds of children

Mehwish Hayat is on a trip to the United Kingdom (UK) but it is not for a vacation.

The Pakistani actress was there to announce her appointment as an ambassador for Penny Appeal and will also run the London Marathon next year to raise funds for the charity.

On Sunday, Mehwish Hayat revealed that she is now an ambassador of the charity with which she wants to rebuild five schools in Sukkur, Sindh for over 900 children, followed by similar projects in Africa.

“Penny Appeal is an amazing charity organization that is working in over 30 countries and I am very happy to be on board with them. I want to work for education,” the Mehwish Hayat tweeted.

“The condition [children in rural Sindh] are getting their education in is really a heart-wrenching situation,” she added.

Hayat also tweeted, saying, “But Parents really want their girls to get an education and be a part of the community. It is just the lack of resources, otherwise, there is a very progressive state of mind.”

Mehwish Hayat also said, “I really want parents to let their children – their girls – to follow their dreams.”

Aamer Naeem, Penny Appeal CEO said, “As a British Muslim-led charity, we are delighted to welcome award-winning actress Mehwish Hayat as Penny Appeal’s newest ambassador.

Having Mehwish join the Penny Appeal family will undoubtedly help to improve the lives of thousands of children in Pakistan and around the world,” she said.

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