Steve Jobs look-alike spotted in Islamabad

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

29th Aug, 2019. 06:41 pm
Steve Jobs look-alike spotted in Karachi

A conspiracy is being floated on Internet regarding Apple co-founder, Steve jobs.

An image of a Steve Jobs look-alike has been doing the rounds on the Internet.

According to the report, the image was first shared by Ahmed Basyouney on Facebook on August 24.

The man in the image does bear a striking resemblance to Steve having ‘tea’ at a local Dhaba in Islamabad. And he is even barefoot, which Jobs was often was.

The image has since been shared across the platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

It has given conspiracy theorists to have a field day on social media about Steve Jobs still being alive.

Even eight years after his death the cult and aura of Jobs remains undiminished.

Earlier today, it was reported that Steve Jobs signed a poster has hit the auction floor and the bidding starts at $25,000.

The poster measures 24-x 36-inch and features the famous Toy Story characters Wooday and Buzz.

The poster comes with a letter of authenticity as well.

After all, he did famously open his 1999 Macworld keynote by having Noah Wyle, the actor who played him in Pirates of Silicon Valley, come onstage pretending to be Apple’s CEO.

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