There should be no shame in truth-telling: Yasir Hussain

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

22nd Aug, 2019. 04:38 pm
Yasir Hussain says not to feel shy in truth telling

Pakistani actor and host Yasir Hussain turned to Instagram to criticize those Pakistani celebrities who have worked in Bollywood in past years and are trying to keep their Indian fan following secured by not speaking against Indian barbarism in Kashmir.

The 37 year old actor shared a video on Instagram to share his thoughts on the current situation of Kashmir and how Pakistani stars who have previously worked with Bollywood are staying quiet to keep their Indian fan base safe.

Yasir, in a video message showed his displeasure and his stance on the efforts of all those celebrities who are still choosing Indian fan following over the unmerciful behavior of the Indian government in IoK.

‘There should be no shame in truth-telling, if you think I’m talking rubbish, you can unfollow me. Otherwise talk openly about the ongoing Kashmir situation. One, who’s disloyal to his country is loyal to no one else.’ he wrote in his post.

Yasir Hussain has previously appealed Pakistani stars to stop working with Bollywood film industry in future.

‘Now all Pakistani artists will judge me, but I don’t care. I love Pakistan and I cry for occupied Kashmir. I believed that art has no boundaries but now there is, and they have made it, now we should also do so’, Yasir wrote on Instagram.

Yasir turned to Instagram and shared his opinion saying, “I want every Pakistani celebrity to announce they will never work with India. At one hand they love occupied Kashmir but still want to go to India. This is equivalent to that you have diabetes and still want to eat cake.”

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