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Fatima and Mohsin part ways as court accepts Khula plea

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

26th Sep, 2019. 01:41 pm
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Mohsin Abbas Haider

Actor Mohsin Abbas Haider and now his ex-wife Fatima Sohail parted ways today after the Lahore Family Court approved Fatima Sohail’s request for khula and issued a decree to that effect.

Fatime Sohail and Mohsin Abbas Haider along with their lawyers appeared in court before Judge Babar Nadeem, where Fatima reiterated that it was no longer possible for her to remain with her husband due to irreconcilable differences.

Mohsin also testified in his statement “I, too, no longer wish to remain with Fatima Sohail. We have no reservations; the court should issue the decree.”

The Lahore Family Court issued the decree after taking statements from both sides.

Earlier this month, Fatima Sohail has filed for khula from Mohsin Abbas Haider.

Fatima made her request to the court to approve her plea for khula and issue a decree in the matter.

In July, Fatima Sohail had posted on Facebook saying the incidents started from November last year when she claims she found out the NMA actor to be cheating on her.

Mohsin Abbas Haider had addressed the allegations in a press conference afterwards, denying all claims.

He even claimed that the Fatima and her lawyer never submitted the medical report to show that she was beaten up her husband.

The investigation officer even submitted a report in the court, Tariq said in a video uploaded on the actor’s Facebook account.

Mohsin has even withdrawn his petition for bail in the case.

Mohsin Abbas Haider has also been found guilty of threatening his wife, Fatima Sohail.

A Lahore sessions court announced the verdict in a domestic violence and fraud case on Mohsin Abbas.

In his defense, Mohsin Abbas said that Fatima only wants to show him as a cruel and an irresponsible husband, “consulting media and social sites is only because she wants to infamous me”, he said.

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