Fatima wants to discredit me in Showbiz Industry: Mohsin Abbas Haider

Fatima wants to discredit me in Showbiz Industry: Mohsin Abbas Haider

Fatima wants to discredit me in Showbiz Industry: Mohsin Abbas Haider

Actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider has been found guilty of threatening his wife, Fatima Sohail.

A Lahore sessions court announced the verdict in a domestic violence and fraud case on Mohsin Abbas.

In his defense, Mohsin Abbas said that Fatima only wants to show him as a cruel and an irresponsible husband, “consulting media and social sites is only because she wants to infamous me”, he said.

The Lahore court summons Mohsin Abbas and Fatima Sohail on September 26 in order to hear the case again.

Earlier this month, Fatima Sohail has filed for khula from Mohsin Abbas Haider.


According to the details, Barrister Ehtesham presented Fatima Sohail’s case in family courts in Lahore for a khula.

Her claim includes “domestic abuse” that she said she was subjected to “at the hands of Mohsin Abbas Haider”.

It also includes her allegation that Mohsin Abbas “is having an extra marital affair”.

Fatima made her request to the court to approve her plea for khula and issue a decree in the matter.

In July, Fatima Sohail had posted on Facebook saying the incidents started from November last year when she claims she found out the NMA actor to be cheating on her.

Mohsin Abbas Haider had addressed the allegations in a press conference afterwards, denying all claims.


He even claimed that the Fatima and her lawyer never submitted the medical report to show that she was beaten up her husband.

The investigation officer even submitted a report in the court, Tariq said in a video uploaded on the actor’s Facebook account.

Mohsin has even withdrawn his petition for bail in the case.

In the video, the singer said that he is disappointed with some of the bloggers, journalists, and colleagues for passing judgments against him and posting hate messages, without knowing the full story.

“As I had said before, every crying woman is not always telling the truth,” Mohsin added.

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