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Rabi Pirzada lashes out at Mehwish Hayat, made nasty comments

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

02nd Oct, 2019. 09:09 pm
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Singer Rabi Pirzada Just Tried To Troll Mehwish Hayat For Her Kashmir Comments

Mehwish Hayat has found herself at the center of all kinds of attention ever since she received her ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’ earlier this year.

Recently she’s been speaking up about Kashmir since India removed Article 370 and put a communication blackout on the people of Kashmir.

Despite Mehwish being vocal about Kashmir she has gotten into trouble recently after she was told not to speak on the matter during a charity event.

A video leaked where she was shown refusing commenting on Kashmir saying, “mujhe mana kiya gaya hai” without context, making the actress appear in a negative light.

Mehwish Hayat garnered a lot of controversy after her video went viral leading to people trolling her unnecessarily.

Singer Rabi Pirzada just went after Mehwish Hayat for her comments regarding Kashmir.

She made some very nasty, shady comments about Mehwish.

She wrote, “No doubt Mehwah is much better than me, my parents won’t allow me to do item song like BILLI or have friendships with important people. I’m far behind her in experience. But I couldn’t imagine anybody in Pakistan refusing to talk about Kashmir under any circumstances.”

Rabi tried to troll Mehwish for her comments on Kashmir, bringing up her personal life or cosmetic surgeries only serves to cheapen Rabi’s point.

During a time of humanitarian crisis, mudslinging will achieve nothing but notoriety and despicable discussion that diverts from the actual issue.

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