Faysal Quraishi to host game show ‘Khush Raho Pakistan’

By Fawwad Raza - Editor

21st November, 2019

‘Khush Raho Pakistan’ will be a prime time Pakistani Game Show, to be hosted by the Pakistani superstar Faysal Quraishi, on BOL Entertainment.

Unlike the ‘run off the mill’ concept of the usual Game Shows happening around the country, Khush Raho Pakistan will provide a fresh feel to the audience.

Faysal Quraishi with his charm and witty attitude will make sure that participants are not just treated with gifts, but with a smile that stays on each and every viewer’s face.

The show is divided into several segments, each one offering contestants fabulous prizes in return for successfully completing a set of challenges or game tasks given by the host.

Apart from that, the show will exhibit the biggest amount of gifts given in a single episode of any Game Show which will range from cars and motorcycles to gold, vacation packages, household items and much more.

Earlier this month, Waqar Zaka was back with the challenge-based reality game show in which, a group of contestants participate in various tasks that challenge their physical and mental strength.

“BOL Champions” is presented by BOL entertainment and it was on number one in the YouTube Trending list.

BOL Champions also surpassed drama serial “mere pass tum ho” and social media users made the Bol champions number one on YouTube.


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