Just a single tweet turned my life upside down: Ali Zafar

Anum RizwanWeb Editor

14th Nov, 2019. 12:04 pm

Renowned singer and actor Ali Zafar says about Meesha Shafi’s allegations of sexual harassment that only one tweet has totally changed his life.

According to details, Ali Zafar appeared as a guest at Bol TV show “Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan” and told the show’s host, Ahsan Khan, how allegations of sexual harassment made by singer Meesha Shafi created a lifetime impact on his life and struggles of 20 years.

Ali Zafar said that “Just one tweet changed my life and 20 years of hard work, all my work!

“What is happening on social media?. After this incident, I decided that I would prove Meesha Shafi wrong, I will also prove why she made the allegations”

Ali Zafar said, “I wanted to set an example so that no one else could destroy any man or woman’s life on Social media.”

Ali Zafar said that “It is important to raise the voice and express our feelings, and in the case of women it is even more important because our society is of men, where men have pressed the voice of women for many years. Years of hard work have played an important role in raising the voice of other women, but all this hard work has been backed up by false accusations and false cases.”

Ali Zafar has been condemning the misuse of the international movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault ‘#Metoo’.

Pakistani pop-star raised his voice against the case of Mr Afzal, who was an English Lecturer at Govt MAO College Lahore, and committed suicide after false harassment allegations by a female student.

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