Praising Adnan Sami costs high for Ushna Shah

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

17th Nov, 2019. 03:30 pm
Praising Adnan Sami costs high for Ushna Shah

Fans bashed Ushna Shah on praising Adnan Sami in a sympathetic and affectionate tone. She reminded Adnan Sami of his connection with Pakistan.

According to the details, famous showbiz actress Ushna Shah tweeted while referring to famous Hamd of Adnan Sami “Ae Khudaa.” She wrote: ” Listening to Ae Khudaa  by Adnan Sami & feeling profoundly sad at his sentiments towards Pakistan. You sir are a special gift from God, you’ve been given a divine talent, you should be a vessel for love, not divide.”

Adnan Sami responds to this tweet, ” My dear, I love & respect everyone who love & respect me regardless of country, caste or creed.. Love.”

However, Pakistani social media users did not like Ushna Shah praising Adnan Sami while sympathizing and reminding him of his connection with Pakistan. Also, social media users reminded Ushna how Adnan Sami had been doing anti-Pakistan tweets.

Most users addressed Ushna Shah, saying, Madam, you are expecting an alliance with the man who has left no stone unturned in opposing this country, What Adnan Sami is today is all because of Pakistan, I wonder about the people who were born here, who grew up here, enjoyed all the rights here, but became selfish after receiving cheap fame.

Even 1 user even went so far as to say that sorry Madam Adnan Sami has no talent.

It may be recalled that Ushna Shah had earlier tweeted a joke about Pizza Boy, for which she had been immensely criticized by Twitter users.

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