Captain Marvel expressed her anticipation for ‘Wonder Woman’

By Komal Fatima - Web Editor

11th December, 2019

Wonder Woman 1984 was finally released on Sunday and the thrilling trailer has made everyone excited about the adventurous film full of action. Various celebrities have excitedly shared their views about the movie.

The charming Captain Marvel start Brie Larson has also expressed her anticipation on social media about WW84.

She is so enthusiastic about the movie that she wants to go in the future and watch the movie. She shared the first teaser of the movie’s trailer and wrote the caption, “Siri-how can I time travel to June 5th, 2020.”

She is not the only celebrity who showed her eagerness on social media. When Gal Gadot (the lead start of Wonder Woman) shared the first teaser on her Instagram, the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) had given thumbs up in the comment section and also wrote, “Serve it up Sistah. Gonna be BIG!”

Actress Natalie Portman had also expressed her excitement, “Ahhhh, so excited!!!!” 

Given that the trailer of Wonder woman 1984 has been released and the movie will be released next year on 5th June.


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