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Selena Gomez reproached on social media for disrespecting Islam

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

01st December, 2019
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American singing sensation Selena Gomez after her latest photo shoot faced the wrath of social media users who accused her of insulting Hinduism as well as Islam.

Her shoot for ‘Puma’ shows her standing on top of books in a library, showing off the new sports clothing line.

Soon after netizens in India expressed their outrage over the offensive display and showing lack of respect to books that is seen as an extreme act of insolence in South Asian cultures, especially the religions of Islam and Hinduism.

One social media user wrote: “Wonder if she ever visited a library before this photo shoot,” while another added: “Please don’t disrespect books, knowledge is sacred, and we are supposed to respect it!”


Others also bashed the clothing brand for the campaign that comes as a great offence to many people.

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