Hilary Duff loses temper on capturing her kids’ pictures

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

24th Feb, 2020. 12:28 pm
Hilary Duff

American actress Hilary Duff has shared a video of a “disgusting” paparazzi photographer who took photos of her kids during a football game.

Hillary Duff didn’t let the man get away with photos of her kids that he had taken without her permission.

“Hey, who are you here with?” she says to the man as she approaches, filming on her phone.

“I’m here with me,” he replies.

The actress goes on to ask whether or not the man knows any of the people on the team.

When it becomes clear he doesn’t, she asks him to stop taking photos from the sideline.

“I’m asking you to stop taking pictures of our 7-year-old children if you don’t know anyone that’s here.

I’m asking you, human to human, as a mother, if you don’t know anyone here can you please stop taking pictures of our children playing football this morning,” she says.

The man tells Duff he’s just practicing his photography and that her “paranoia is unwarranted”.

“I’m not here to scare you or anything like that,” he adds.

“No, it’s just an uncomfortability factor that these are 7-year-old children and you don’t have a child here,” Hilary Duff responds.

“I will just post this to my 15 million followers on Instagram, and let people know how creepy it is that this is what you choose to do on your Saturday morning.”

“Go ‘practice’ your photography on ADULTS! Creep!” she captioned the video.

However, Hilary in the video could be heard arguing with the photographer for making her uncomfortable by such act.

The man however keeps insisting that “it’s legal” and she shouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

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