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Court directs Mohsin Abbas to pay monthly expenses of his child

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

27th Feb, 2020. 12:05 pm
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Mohsin Abbas

Family court in Lahore has directed actor and singer Mohsin Abbas to pay Rs50,000 monthly for expenses of his child.

During the hearing headed by Judge Maira Hassan, Mohsin’s wife Fatema Sohail stated that she had applied for Khula over continuous torture by her husband.

I cannot bear the monthly expenses of my child alone, she said.

Subsequently, the court has ordered Mohsin to pay for his child’s expenses.

Mohsin Abbas recently talked about domestic abuse allegations by his former wife, celebs’ reaction to it and losing his newborn child.

Fatema Sohail accused him of domestic violence, beating her and cheating on her in a Facebook post last year.

Later on, the two parted ways after she filed for a khula.

Mohsin Abbas speaks up about allegations by ex-wife

The actor shared that after police conducted an investigation twice, he had found innocent in terms of demanding money and breach of trust.

However, the case is still in court to investigate the remaining allegation.

On refusal to pay for childcare after divorce as accused by his ex-wife, he said he wills to give the money but after he asked Fatema for her bank details to transfer the amount “I got a notice the next day from the court asking me to pay for childcare.”

Mohsin said I found it quite funny this happened when he had already offered to pay.

Fatema had filed a petition in a family court in January asking him to pay for the expenses of his son.

Anger issues

Mohsin, the actor had opened up about his anger issues on BOL Entertainment’s BOL Nights with Ahsan Khan where he said he gets very abusive when angry.

When asked about this, He responded “I think 90% of people do this when they are angry.

I never said I beat anyone when I am angry.”

The singer added that he hasbrought up among women and he knows how to treat them.

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