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Angelina Jolie tells people to “love each other” and “check in with each other”

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

15th Apr, 2020. 03:19 pm
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Angelina Jolie tells people to “love each other” and “check in with each other”

Superstar Angelina Jolie has urged the people to “love each other” and “check in with each other”.

She talked to a Californian Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris in a video conference.

The surgeon has said that stay-at-home orders are in practice in almost each state in the country. But it was essential for people to meet each other. She agreed.

Angelina Jolie said, “I think it is so important that people hear that,”  “To love each other, check in with each other. Be there, be a support group, keep your eyes open whether you are a teacher or a friend.”

She also said, “I really do hope people hear this, and they do reach out, and they do pay more attention, and they are not sitting in a moment when they think, ‘Well maybe, but it’s not my business.’ Because those kids aren’t going to school right now, and teachers can’t see the bruises and people aren’t identifying what is happening within some homes.”

The Surgeon Burke Harris replied, “All of the research shows that the single most powerful antidote to the impacts of trauma and adversity is nurturing, caring relationships with others — safe, stable and nurturing relationships.”

He further said that it was essential to believe victims of domestic violence.  “All you have to do is be there for a person. All you have to do is believe them when a victim comes forward.”

He added, “You don’t have to fix it, you don’t have to solve it. You don’t have to worry about not being enough,”  “You just have to be willing to be there and listen and to be that shoulder and those open arms.”

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