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Best Quarantine Movies You Must Watch

Watching Movies is the Best Possible Option to Keep Yourself Staying at Home

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

09th Apr, 2020. 08:00 pm
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Quarantine Movies

As you know, COVID-19 pandemic has restricted to stay in self-quarantine. And now we have got plenty of free time on our hands and not many activities to do especially on weekends when you no longer need to work from home. This situation is indeed overwhelming for everyone. So, to lighten up these uncertain times, we have compiled a list of 10 Hollywood movies that you can enjoy during Quarantine.

1. The NoteBook

The first movie suggestion on our list is “The notebook” from romance and drama genre. During the current situation, it is crucial to watch something light and fun. Therefore, this story of a poor yet passionate young man may entertain you. He falls in love with a rich young girl – that makes it an interesting movie. Their separation, because of social standards, adds drama and emotions in it that is surely intriguing to watch. Even though a lot of stories have been made on this genre and subject but this movie is unique in its own way.

2. Seven

It seems a perfect time to watch or rewatch blockbuster movies from the past. So, the second suggestion might brighten up the moods of Brad Pitt fans. If you are into the crime genre, you might want to watch “Seven”. The story revolves around two detectives who begin hunting a serial killer. What makes people sit in front of the TV is the killer’s use of seven deadly sins as his motives to commit a crime.

3. A Walk to Remember

We have another fun and romantic movie suggestion. “A walk to remember” is a story of two teens from North Carolina. They were forced to do community work when one of them gets into trouble. It’s a sweet love story so if you are fond of watching love stories then you should go for this movie.

4. The Others

Who wouldn’t love to watch a horror movie with popcorn and a comfy blanket? We have “The others” in the list which has all the elements to give goose-bumps. It is the story of a woman who lives in her family house. She has two photosensitive children too. The woman convinces that their home is haunted.

5. A Beautiful Mind

If you are into something unusual, you can consider watching “A beautiful mind”. The story is serious but interesting. The story showcases how the life of John Nash, a brilliant yet asocial mathematician becomes a nightmare when he accepts to work in cryptography secretly. Its story I really amazing and the overall movie is also too good.

6. The Godfather (1972)

Who would say no to a classic? “The Godfather” starring Al Pacino and Marlon Brando in their most memorable roles is a must-watch for everyone. This would be the best thing to spend your Quarantine in a fun time.

7. The Exorcist (1973)

“The Exorcist” is known as one of the scariest horror films based on William Peter Blatty’s novel – sounds a thrilling option.

8. The Pursuit of Happiness

Filled with emotions and wisdom, we recommend you to watch “The pursuit of happiness” and enjoy this real-life story.

9. Toy Story

Nothing seems better than fun and entertaining in this uncertain time. So, we encourage you to watch “Toy Story” and enjoy your evening. You can watch its 2nd and 3rd part too. It is an incredible movie which will definitely help you spend your time. All the characters are too good, the story is also amazing. The movie is indeed worth watching.

10. WALL-E

We have another gripping story of a waste-collecting robot that goes on a space journey accidentally risking the fate of mankind. If you love stories based on space, then this movie is a must-watch for you.

Final Words

You might like the suggestion for these movies since they are filled with emotion, drama, love, thrill, curiosity, fun, and entertainment. Watching a movie is the best possible option to keep yourself staying at home. Thereby, whether on your lounge’s couch or room’s bed, you can watch these movies to spend your time and make it a fun time. Otherwise, spending quarantine for people like us who are habitual of going out becomes very tough.

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