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Kanye West opens up about his addiction to alcohol & struggle to quit drinking

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

16th Apr, 2020. 01:42 pm
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Kanye West Kim Kardashian pregnancy

American rapper Kanye West opens up with his struggle to quit drinking alcohol and live a normal life.

Kanye West, one of the most contentious personalities in town, detailed about being called a ‘crazy person’ in an interview.

The rapper revealed about his mental health and alcohol addiction.

He said, “I haven’t had a drink since I realized I needed to take it day by day, but I never owned up, or was even told, ‘Hey, you’re a functioning alcoholic’.

People have called me a crazy person, people have called me everything … but not a functioning alcoholic.”

He further stated: “One day I was in my office working on the couture collection, and there was some Grey Goose in the fridge and I was just going to get a daytime drink, and I looked and thought, ‘Devil, you’re not going to beat me today.’”

West also revealed that he considers himself a “born again Christian” as he altered his life, no longer wanting to “sin against God.”

“When you’re not in service to God, you can end up being in service to everything else, he said.

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