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Kim Kardashian trolled for wearing eastern maang tikka

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

26th Apr, 2020. 02:58 pm
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Kim Kardashian trolled for wearing eastern maang tikka

Kim Kardashian was recently spotted wearing traditional golden maang tikka over her western skinny dress. The ‘strange’ combination was not liked by many of her fans.

Kim Kardashian was accused of making an inappropriate match of eastern jewelry over the western dress.

One of the internet users commented on her photo, “Are you going to appropriate every culture in the world? What about you claiming your Armenian roots for once? People call you out every time to tell you that it’s disrespectful and offensive, yet you still continue. What’s wrong with you Kimberly?” Indians, too, did not hold back and even referred to Kim as ‘Didi’.

Another netizen commented, “You are not the Mastani you think you are. It’s cringing to stop it.” Comparing the look with Deepika’s Mastani.

Another fan commented, “Kim didi it’s not too late to delete it.”

Another internet user reacted, “Now that you’ve stolen from south Asian culture to fit your aesthetics, why don’t you donate to these countries if you appreciate their culture so much, Kim?”

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