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Shaniera Akram, Armeena Khan bicker over lizard

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

13th Apr, 2020. 07:43 pm
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Shaniera Akram, Armeena Khan bicker over lizard

Former captain of the national cricket team Waseem Akram’s wife Shaniera Akram and actress Armina Khan were involved  in a bicker on Twitter over the lizard.

Armina Khan posted a photo of a lizard on twitter with a caption  ‘I didn’t want to meet it’.

Waseem Akram’s wife Shaniera Akram wrote on actress Armina’s tweet ” I don’t get it, Pakistanis have lived through terrorism, wide spread disease, horrific natural disasters, political unrest, famine and poverty. Yet you see one little Gecko and completely lose your shit!”

In another Tweet Shaniera wrote “Guys, Geckos are innocent lizards. They watch over us, eat our dengue mosquitoes and make malaria their dinner. Don’t hate them, they are our friends. Trust me, I’m from Australia, when there is a creature you have to worry about I will tell you.”

Later Armeena has deleted her previous Tweet and in another Tweet she wrote “Look guys, all the ones having a go at me for the Gecko tweet understand this “Phobias” are REAL & NO-ONE has the right to gaslight, patronise or bash you for having them. One person’s red nose and a wig could be another persons fear, ask any COULROPHOBE. Peace.”

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