Shushmita Sen’s Miss India ‘winning gown’ story will definitely inspire you

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

17th Apr, 2020. 12:36 am
Shushmita Sen's Miss India 'winning gown' story will definitely inspire you

A video of Indian actress Shushmita Sen, who became Miss India in 1994, , narrating the story of her ‘winning gown’ went viral on social media.

In the video she was seen on an Indian TV show and telling her fans about the gown she wore while winning the title of Miss India in 1994.

“When I participated in the Miss India competition, my family didn’t have enough money to buy me designer dresses because I wanted four dresses for the events,” said Shushmita Sen.

The Indian actress said, “I belonged to a middle class family and I knew my compulsions and limitations.”

She said, ‘My mother told me that if we do not have enough resources then what happened people will not come to see the clothes, but to see you.’

“After that, my mom and I bought clothes from a local market, and then we gave them to the local tailor in our garage and told him to stitch gowns and ‘I would wear these gowns and come to Television,” she said.

Shusmita said , ‘After that, the local tailor made my’ winning gown ‘with this simple dress and my mother made a flower with the remaining cloth and applied it to my gown.’

“My mom bought new black socks for me, cut them out and made gloves for me that I wore with my ‘winning gown,’ she added.

Shushmita Sen said, “For me, that day is very special, the day I wore a ‘winning gown’ to Miss India.”

The Indian actress said, “It has taught me that man does not need money to get anything, but his intention has to be clear.”

It should be noted that after winning the title of Femina Miss India in 1994 and Miss Universe 1994at the age of 18, Shushmita Sen has shown her acting in many Bollywood renowned films.

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