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Young people around the world are also dying with COVID-19, Momina tells PM

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

01st Apr, 2020. 10:34 pm
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Young people around the world are also dying with COVID-19, Momina tells PM

Singer Momina Mustehsan after Prime Minister recent address, took to Twitter tagged the Prime Minister Imran Khan and wrote “you probably need to revisit what you said in your recent address to the nation. The youth are NOT immune to the virus- young people around the world are also dying as rapidly. Misinformation at this time can be very damaging #COVID19.”


She further wrote in a series of Tweet “Elderly & sick are most susceptible to the virus. The youth (with no underlying conditions)are also rapidly losing their lives. We are still learning more daily. We shouldnt create panic, but the false impression that the youth are safe can cause an increase in mortality & spread”

Momina also criticized the people who are turning coronavirus pandemic issue into a political debate and said “Its a shame to see many turning COVID into a political debate.Its not one party’s opinion vs the other.We r in the midst of a global pandemic caused by a novel virus that we still dont fully understand.Ignorance& misinformation can be disastrous.Monitor new data from all regions.”

Corona Relief Tigers Force: Registration opened on Citizen Portal

While talking about Prime minister’s Tiger force Momina said “The idea behind Tiger Force is great (only if each volunteer is tested & closely monitored on a daily), but basing it on “only elderly & sick are at danger” is problematic. This isnt political. This is a humanitarian crisis & we all need to be on the same page & open to new info.”

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