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Humaima Malick reveals the qualities of her Mr perfect

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

27th May, 2020. 09:41 pm
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Humaima Malick reveals the qualities of her Mr perfect

Actress Humaima Malick has revealed what kind of person she would like to marry.

Humaima Malick attended BOL Entertainment program Bol Night with Ahsan Khan with her sister, actress Dua Malick, where she spoke openly about her career and private life.

The two actresses attended Ahsan Khan’s show on the second day of Eid, where they revealed that it was their first time together in a show and they were appearing on screen together for the first time, before that only They have been photographed together.

Humaima Malick said that she started her career at the age of 14 and for the first time she advertised a whitening cream when her complexion was pale.

The actress also spoke openly about other topics related to her career and also talked about her second marriage in a humorous manner.

Humaima Malick laughed and replied to Ahsan Khan’s question about her favorite person to marry. She said that she would marry a person who is fair in complexion, tall, has a lot of money and has cars. His eyes are blue and he is wearing a blue coat.

Ahsan Khan and Dua Malik also laughed at this statement of Humaima Malick herself laughed and said that after such things she will be criticized a lot and will be trolled on social media.

Humaima Malick apparently joked about her favorite person for a second marriage, but before she could respond, her sister Dua Malik revealed that her choice changed in a short time.

Dua Malik revealed that Humaima keeps changing her mind about her favorite person, sometimes she wants to marry someone else and sometimes she thinks of someone else.

After being revealed by Dua Malik, Ahsan Khan asked Humaima what kind of person is she thinking about today?

To which the actress replied seriously that she would like to marry someone who is like her father.

Hamima Malik explained that just as her father respected her mother, gave her strength and encouragement, so she would like her husband to give her courage, encouragement and strength.

The actress said that she wants to find a person who will respect her, will support and encourage her, will give her emotional and mental comfort and will give her strength.

It may be recalled that Hamima Malik was married to actor Shamoon Abbasi in 2010 but the marriage lasted only 2 years and the couple parted ways in 2012.

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