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Madonna Safe From The Corona

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

07th May, 2020. 09:34 pm
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Madonna Corona

Madonna has stated about COVID-19 that she was infected with the virus by the end of the tour and thought that she has got the flu. According to her statement she has been tested with positive COVID-19 antibodies. In her next statement, she stated that in the Instagram that she was with other crew members in the Paris before the detection of the virus, moreover, all of their members were also infected. Madonna had also participated in raising the money for the development of the vaccine.

Madonna has declared that “ I am so Grateful in supporting the research for finding the cure of COVID-19, also want to clear the things for people who will believe about the sensationalist headlines than do their own research related to the nature of this virus, however, I am not currently sick.” She said.

She had also commented that “when any person test the positive for anti-bodies than it means that person had the virus which I clearly did as I was at that time sick and at the end of the tour of Paris last 7 week ago with other fellow artists in my show at that time,” she said.
“We think that we had a bad flu but Thank God we are still healthy and well. Hope the things get clear. Knowledge is power”

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