Why Akshay Kumar once got rejected by a girl?

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26th May, 2020. 01:00 am
Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar, famous Bollywood star shared an interesting love story of his teenage.

famous Bollywood star Akshay Kumar

While answering to one of his fans on TV channel he revealed that Akshay Kumar was rejected by a girl.

Love Story of Akshay Kumar

He told that he was in a relationship, he and his girlfriend went together to restaurants and cinema also.

relationships of Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar said that he was very shy and his girlfriend wanted him to hold her hands or kiss her or something but he didn’t.

Relationships of Bollywood legend

So, Akshay’s girlfriend broke up with him and then he realized something.

When he broke up from his girlfriend

He realized that he should have to change himself and he worked on it.

Turning point of his life

And now we have completely transformed Akshay, co-actors also revealed that they were also rejected in their teenage but now they are evolved.

Earlier, according to the local news source, Akshay was walking on a ramp in an award show whereas Twinkle was sitting in the audience. He stopped at the seat where Twinkle was sitting. He asked her to unbutton his jeans. At first, Twinkle felt shy, she agreed and did what Akshay asked. The entire audience cheered on the act, but the couple faced criticism over their unethical act and a social activist complained about them. Both were arrested, but they were later released on bail. Akshay and Twinkle then apologized for what they did in the award show.

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