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Find out how designer Amir Adnan recovered from Coronavirus

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

12th Jun, 2020. 10:13 am
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The rapid increase in the number of Coronavirus affected patients in Pakistan has made chaos in almost everyone’s life. Every other person around us has contracted the virus. But fortunately, there are many people who have defeated the virus and recovered from it.

One of Pakistan’s most famous menswear designer Amir Adnan is in one of the blessed people, who recovered from it. Adnan’s wife Huma Adnan took to her social media account and shared about her husband’s experience.

The designer narrated how his more than a three-week-journey with the virus felt, and how he eventually defeated it.

His journey to recovery feels like a ray of light in the darkness.

Excerpts from Adnan after his recovery from Covid. This may help some of us as there are lots of myths about the virus…

Gepostet von Huma Adnan am Montag, 8. Juni 2020

Here is what Amir Adnan wrote,

The Virus Is Most Dangerous In The First 6-8 Days

“I am told that the virus does whatever damage it has to do within the first 6 to 8 days. After that, the virus may remain in the body in a less effective form up to 6 weeks and all tests done till then may still show positive,” Amir’s post narrated. “However, once the fever is normal without medication for more than three days the virus no longer remains contagious enough to infect others.”

Mask and Social Distancing is Must

“Care regarding mask and social distancing must be maintained as one can get re-infected,” Adnan wrote. “Since this is a new phenomenon, new theories come out almost every day. As soon as you detect any of the COVID-19 symptoms please isolate immediately and get tested.”

Water Consumption, Healthy Food, and Home Remedies Work Efficiently

“I took steam for ten minutes followed with salt and hot water gargle six times a day,” Amir penned. “Drank hot green tea with Haldi, ginger, and honey at least 12 to 16 cups a day. Had 2.5 liters of water. Vit c 1000 cc twice daily, Surbex Z religiously every day. Had good meals with eggs and a lot of meat. Yakhni two cups.”

Be Positive and Fit

“I Exercised and did deep breathing every day,” Amir said. ”I Counted breaths per minute every two hours ( should be between 12 to 20 ). Checked oxygen absorption as well. Kept a very positive mind and worked out of my room regularly.”

Be Isolated

“I stayed in one room for 21 days but washed clothes made the room cleaned the bathroom and washed dishes and disinfected the area very day. This kept the virus contained in one room and protected others,” he explained. “Food was left outside my door and nothing left my room once it had entered. All this kept me busy and active. Which is necessary to fight this virus. Remember there is no medicine except your own immune system.”

Sana Makli Leaves Are Of No Use

“It is commonly circulated to take Sana Maki leaves as a brew to combat COVID. Please DO NOT take this. Senna leaves are a very strong laxative. It is used to clean the stomach before operations etc. Remember COVID is a RESPIRATORY infection and cannot be cured by gastrointestinal cleansing,” Amir warned. “This brew will only give you severe diarrhea and intense stomach ache. I had a near-death experience when I could not even retain water and was flushing out everything 6 to 8 times an hour. Nearly passed out due to dehydration and pain.”

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