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“Namaz kills depression” Sumbul Iqbal talks about mental health

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

26th Jun, 2020. 04:35 pm
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"Namaz kills depression" Sumbul Iqbal talks about mental health

Television actress Sumbul Iqbal has shared her opinion about mental health. She said that Namaz kills depression.

Shushant Singh Rajpoot has reportedly committed suicide due to depression and mental health problems. Several Pakistani celebrities and public figures have begun talking about depression and its outcomes.

Tum ho waja actress Sumbul took to Instagram to speak on this matter. She said, “Islam encourages people to stay hopeful even if someone has committed the worst sin or is faced with the most troublesome life event as there is always God’s mercy,” She also quoted a verse from the Holy Quran.

She continued, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. It can make all the difference.”

She mentioned in her post that Namaz (prayer) kills depression: “’ Namaz kills depression’, ‘Pray to Allah’ or ‘Perform salah.’ Many even go as far as to badmouth mental health professionals with claims that religious scripture is the only answer…”

In the end, Sumbul questioned that it is high time to talk about mental health because of other hurts. “Just because the wounds can’t be seen doesn’t mean the injuries don’t exist. If you are willing to see a doctor for that pain, why not talk to a counselor for the pain in your heart?”

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