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Thanos may return to MCU, Marvel fans believe

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

18th Jun, 2020. 08:49 pm
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Marvel fans are trying their best to twist the story plot and future possibilities for Iron Man’s resurrection.

Many of the Marvel fans have predicted the return of the mega-villain Thanos. According to the new deleted scene of Avengers: Endgame has convinced fans that Thanos’ return could be possible.

In the video, fans point the Ancient One telling Dr. Bruce Banner also known as HULK that removing an Infinity Stone makes a new timeline.

She continues to tell the Hulk that Thanos’ snap did not demolish half of the universe but ‘willed’ them out of existence which is how their return was possible initially.

“If someone dies, they will always die. Death is irreversible, but Thanos is not. Those you’ve lost are not dead. They’ve been willed out of existence, which means they can be willed back. But it doesn’t come cheap,” she says.

Applying that specific theory, fans quickly jumped to conclusion that this could mean only one thing that Thanos can also make a reappearance in future films, as he too had been snapped out of existence by Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame.

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