Zara Noor Abbas reveals lockdown gave her depression

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

25th Jun, 2020. 10:27 am

Conversations about anxiety, depression, addiction and more have moved from the private to the public sphere. In recent times, many showbiz stars as well are now opening up about their anxieties and depressions they faced in their lives. After Yashma Gill now, Super Pakistani actress Zara Noor Abbas also speaks about mental illness and depression.

In her Instagram post, Zara has disclosed that she was diagnosed with clinical depression during the coronavirus lockdown and doctors recommended her medicines and therapy.

Zara wrote, “revealed, lockdown gave me a lot of anxiety; it didn’t go very well. I have had severe anxiety issues for some time but I hadn’t addressed them. I thought it’s because of my hectic work routine that I feel stressed and tired.”

Check out what Zara posted:

Earlier The stunning Pakistani actress, Yashma Gill

to her Instagram account and penned down about her struggles with depression. She wrote,

“I’ve talked about this before, talking about it again and will keep talking about it till it doesn’t become normal. As someone who has had first-hand experience of depression, panic attacks, and anxiety so severe that it sometimes became derealisation, I can’t STRESS enough at the importance of reaching out and seeking help. Please stop labeling someone’s depression as just a phase of sadness. Sadness and depression are two different emotional states with depression being way more difficult to carry your life with – it’s dark, hollow, emotionally debilitating, and can take a toll on your logical thinking leaving u feeling hopeless.”

Yashma told her fans and followers how she thought of ending her life,

“The worst for me were the times I felt emotionally in pain, might sound foreign to many who have never experienced mental illness but emotional pains are just like physical pains except that u can’t spot where they are coming from. The pains at times become so severe that you just want to stop feeling and the only way to escape seems to be GIVING UP.”

But Gill’s strong belief in Islam and the Almighty Allah, she coped up with the haraam thoughts,

“But guess what? I kept my belief firm in Allah SWT and to a great extent I’m extremely thankful for my religion and the beliefs that come with it regarding Suicide – ‘it’s haram nd u still won’t find the peace that u are looking for. Having that belief I decided NOT TO GIVE UP and to REACH OUT. Despite the fear of being called mentally challenged, a psycho or someone that can just not be labeled normal (which are all such shameful terms to give to anyone suffering from the illness of an organ called BRAIN just like other organs can get infected it can TOO) I started taking therapy, it did help initially and YES therapy does work but sometimes there’s a massive mal-functioning of neurotransmitters which needs medication to be fixed. (The silver lining to spot is that IT CAN BE FIXED) Likewise, when therapy hit a wall for me I was put on medication and Alhamdulilah mashallah lahulwala quwata illa Bila hil aliyul Azeem from my own experience I can tell everyone suffering from depression or any kind of mental illness that THERE IS HOPE!!

Yashma went on to say that,

“I can’t even begin to explain how firmly at one point in my life I felt like there wasn’t any way out for me but all that I had to do was reach out and GET HELP!! Obviously having a strong support system family and friends wise plays a huge role in your journey but whatever it may be like for you, whatever circumstances you might be in and however bad the situation might seem to u right now TRUST ME it’s going to be okay and there is hope. You just have to stay strong, try to keep yourself positive, hopeful, and put your trust in Allah SWT and your doctor. As I said before, Just like other organs in our body that can get infected, the brain is an organ too and can get infected so there is NOTHING ABNORMAL in that. What’s abnormal is for anyone to not worry about taking care of it or getting it treated like the rest of the organs. Lastly, my advice to everyone who is reading this note is to PLEASE try and be as empathetic as u can towards each other and know that especially social media has a lot of power over minds and feelings.”

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