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Ertugrul doppelganger found in Pakistan

Gulmeena HamidWeb Editor

22nd July, 2020
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After the success of the Turkish drama series Dirilis: Ertugrul in Pakistan, the people of the country have become obsessed with everything related to the drama.

As the Turkish drama portrayed Islamic history, Pakistanis not only love its storyline but also get obsessed with the cast also.

Engin Altan Duzyatan, who played the role of Ertugrul Ghazi in the drama series, is the most loved character among others in Pakistan. Pakistan has also found its Ertugrul, Mustafa Hanif, who lives in the city of lights Karachi.

Hanif said that before this drama (Dirlis: Ertugrul) was aired in Pakistan, his friends used to say that its main character resembles me a lot. When I watched the drama, I also realized that he really does.

Mustafa Hanif holds a master’s degree in international relations and works for a private company. Before gaining popularity on social media as “Pakistani Ertugrul”, he used to run his own YouTube channel and often uploaded videos related to tourism on it.

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