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Mahnoor Baloch turns 50-year-old today

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

14th Jul, 2020. 09:56 pm
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Renowned Pakistani actress who is more known for her everlasting youth, Mahnoor Baloch turns 50-year-old today. 

The actor-cum-director made her first television debut in 1993 with drama serial Marvi. Baloch has been a part of many successful drama serials like Chandani Raaten, Noor Bano, Ladies Park, Mera Saien 2 and many more, the ever-young actress has also bagged roles in hit Pakistani movies.

The actress has not aged since 1993, for her fans, Baloch told the secret of her ever glowing and youthful skin. In an interview she revealed,

“Always cleanse and moisturize before going to bed. Also, sunblock is a must.”

The Mehar Bano actress told people to drink lots and lots of water if they want skin like hers.

“Drinking plenty of water, having health supplements, and working out at least 30 mins a day, 5 days a week.”

The grandmother of one child revealed that she has cut sweet from her life.

“I’ve cut out sugar, wheat, and processed foods from my diet.”

She concluded by telling her diet schedule. Her breakfast involves a vegetable omelet, combined with yogurt and a brown rice roti, followed by a lunch consisting of chicken, vegetables with brown rice roti, or brown rice. She suggested using coconut oil in food and quinoa.


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