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“My perspective of word ‘churail’ has changed after working on the show”: Sarwat Gillani

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

31st Aug, 2020. 04:40 pm
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Sarwat Gillani

Sarwat Gilani’s career is on a roll since her latest venture, Churails, premiered on the Indian streaming platform, ZEE5.

Sarwat Gillani recently revealed that after doing the show, the word ‘Churail’ doesn’t hold the same meaning as it did before and she is perfectly okay with being called one.

Gillani told, “My perspective of the word ‘churail’ has changed after working on the show. I believe that someone who is labelled a ‘churail’ is, strong, fearless and opinionated. I don’t mind being called a ‘churail’ anymore.”

She further added, “The show is delivering a strong message. The ultimate purpose is to uplift sisterhood and womanhood in society. I hope the show leaves behind a question that leads to much-needed change. The direction we want to take this to aims at bringing a strong change around us.”

‘Churails’ is a feministic tale of 4 self-proclaimed women who open up an agency to teach cheating and abusive men a much-needed lesson. Film-maker Asim Abbasi has proved that he is unparalleled by bringing a fresh perspective to our screens.

However, The web series has caused a stir around the world and has been scoring rave reviews from everyone’s who’s watching it.

The story is about four women who set up a detective agency under the cover of a fashion boutique to expose adulterers but face some difficulties in doing so.

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